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Called to order 7:10PM by President Dan Durachko.  In attendance were Andy
Cobaugh, Andy Richards, Tom Milton, Melvin Shuey, Matt Fultz, Steve Dillon,
Hunter Robertson, Johnathan White, Cody Martin, Jeff Stout, "Note Guy"
Steve Bessler, Tracey Durf

Webmaster Report:

*         Traffic down significantly after tickets sold out.

*         Electronic poll sent to our email database planned by Cobaugh
(using Blue Mountain RR as model?) to gather general data.


*         General discussion of Santa Excursion needs.  Adequate platform
lighting, signage, distribution of personnel for safety and efficiency.
*         Facebook photo contest winner prizes must be distributed as per
request of Nick Rapak.  Andy Richards now holds remaining tickets.                
*         Jeff Stout obtained quote for lift to assist passenger loading.         
Roughly $9000.00 so out of our ballpark for now.  Quote placed in Operations
drawer of filing cabinet by Durachko.
*         Discussion of addition of RDC 9167 to Santa Express consist next
*         RDC 9167 slated for work starting on or around December 9 by RMS
to prepare for movement to their facility.  Car at Cerro siding after being
moved by NBER.  Noted air brake system fault - when charged high volume air
leak inside cab.  Probable bad gasket a la S. Dillon and M. Fultz, although
other scenarios possible.

Meeting adjourned 8:10PM