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The meeting was called to order at 7 PM on January 5, 2015 by President Dan Durachko.  In attendance were Matt Haupt, Steve Dillon, Keith Koch, Tom Milton, Lon Beck, Dan Selvage, Doug Weidman, Melvin Shuey, Andy Richards, Cody Martin, Dan Durachko, Johnathan White, Matt Fultz, Cody Moules (sp?).

Secretary: Meeting minutes for December 2014 were presented.  Keith Koch moved to accept, seconded by Tom Milton.  The minutes were approved.

Treasurer: We have reimbursed him for supplies related to excursions.  We received a number of cash donations.  He noted a change in the expense to LVA for the Toys for Tots event.  We still have an obligation to JRA $3,500 for planned siding work.  We expect $15,000 from JRA for excursion revenues.  Dan Durachko pointed out at least $30 of revenues through PayPal was a donation rather than a sale.  Nick Rapak made a donation from Nutty Bavarian sales which will be reflected on the February report. Doug Weidman moved to accept the report, seconded by Lon Beck.  The report was accepted.

Membership: Doug Weidman reported that membership renewals were mailed January 5.  Over the 3 years he has served as membership chair he has observed an increase in family memberships from 35 to 58.  He asked for creation of an online membership application with payment through PayPal (or other processor) for the next membership year.  There was discussion about sales booths at excursion events.  These booths should provide a return to some community organization, BHRS or other.

Webmaster: There was no report from the webmaster.  The letter to the membership on the website is quite dated and should be taken down.

RDC: The RDC is at RMS in Columbia, PA.  RMS has provided an initial progress report and will be making weekly reports.  BHRS needs to provide a list of changes to the work scope as soon as possible.  RMS notes that some out-of-scope work is required on the engines and recommends restoring the enclosed bottoms to the engine compartments.  The project includes a $25,000 budget for unforeseen repairs.  There was discussion about inspection schedules and reports.  Steve, Andy Richards, Andy Cobaugh, Dan, and Tom will discuss the scope changes and inspection schedule.

Caboose/Snowplow: No report.

New business:

Cody Martin shared a ticket and post card from the BFC.

There was discussion about opening the park restrooms during Santa Express excursions.  BHRS is willing to cover reasonable expenses to accomplish this  Dan Durachko will discuss this with the Borough.

The need for business process around events was discussed as was the need for signing to direct customers to restrooms, parking, boarding areas, etc.

Adding BHRX 9167 to the Fall Foliage or Santa Express excursions was discussed.  Concerns were raised about characters on the Santa Express excursions making it through an additional car and costumes fitting through 9167s doors.

Advertising for Fall Foliage excursions was discussed.  A publicity/communications chair person is needed to coordinate ad campaigns and work with HBI.

Clinton County is planning an excursion from Lock Haven to Bellefonte on Penn Valley equipment this summer, likely in June.  This sparked a discussion about special events with Penn Valley or our equipment.

Tom Canich moved to adjourn, seconded by Steve.  The motion carried and the meeting adjourned at 8:25.