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The meeting was called to order at 7 PM by President Durachko.  In attendance Lon Beck, Andy Cobaugh, Melvin Shuey, Doug Weidman, Steve Dillon, Dan Durachko, Ken Dishman, Cody Martin, and Tom Canich.

Steve moved to accept the January minutes. Cody seconded and the motion carried.

No Treasurer's report was available for review.

Doug reported that many checks for membership renewal were received and he was processing them.  Dan created PayPal buttons for online renewal.  There was discussion around the shipping fee attached to PayPal items and the consensus was that this was an acceptable "convenience fee" for renewing online.  Dues will continue to be payable by cash or check.  Online renewals will be available for the 2016 membership year.

Andy reported 488 unique visits, 1686 page views in January.  Doug will send Andy his membership letter to be posted on the website.

The Bellefonte borough is probably ok with opening the park restrooms for Santa Express excursions.  There would be costs associated with doing this which we will need to cover.  The borough does not have time this year to further extend the platform.  Any closing of the High Street crossing would need to be a formal request to PennDOT through the borough.  This should be done as early in the year as possible.

Dan discussed our traditional support of the Faith Centre run of $100.  Ken moved we continue this support, seconded by Steve.  The motion carried.

Gary Hoover has invited us to staff a table at the March volunteer fair.  This is typically a few hours on a Saturday in the middle of the day.  Lon and Ken are willing to do this pending specific time.  Dan will get details and make an announcement to the mailing list.

Andy chaired the elections committee.  He nominated the current officers to continue in their offices.  He will send this information to the mailing list.  At the March meeting additional nominations will be accepted from the floor prior to a vote being taken.

We discussed ticket donations to various groups and if this should be handled by a committee or in an ad hoc fashion.  Dan moves we don't give any tickets away, seconded by Tom.  The motion carried.  Further discussion about pre-sales fundraisers was had.  The consensus was that this could be considered, but would complicate our sales operation.

Andy and Tom visited RMS at Columbia, PA to inspect work on BHRX 9167.  There were no significant surprises, but they did detect a leak in the air compressor which will need to be repaired when they rebuild it.  RMS will provide a price for engine compression testing to determine internal health of the engines.  We discussed project completion dates and agreed the end of April was an acceptable time.

No report available on the caboose or snow plow projects.

Steve will begin working on a rule book in late February or early March.  NS rules will be used as a template and we will need to write a test for crew members to pass.  NSHR will provide help with this and guidance on FRA matters.

BHRS and NSHR met in mid-January to discuss an operating agreement.  The meeting was very positive with NSHR expressing an interest in being good partners with BHRS.  NSHR will produce a draft operating agreement for us to review and edit.

The LVA has asked us to provide speeder rides at the Lemont Arts Fest July 10, 11, and 12.  Discussion about which dates resulted in a consensus to provide rides at least one day, and possibly two days.

Andy moved to adjourn the meeting, seconded by Doug.  The motion carried.  Meeting adjourned at 7:50.