The meeting was called to order at 7 PM on March 2nd by President Durachko.  In attendance were Matt Fultz, Cody Martin, Melvin Shuey, Andy Cobaugh, Tracey L. Durf, Dan Durachko, Sue Smith, Lily ?, Keith Koch, Dan Selvage, Tom Milton, Ed Johston, Lon Beck, Ken Dishman, Steve Dillon, Jonathan Matthews, Andy Richards, and Tom Canich.

Lily and Sue shared the PennDOT Keystone West project report.  The report was discussed and members were asked to provide PennDOT with input on the project by March 31.  Keith will write a letter on behalf of BHRS.  Sue discussed the new speeder event during the Lemont Arts Festival in July.

Andy Cobaugh solicited nominations for officer positions from the floor.  None being heard, he presented the existing officers for reelection with a motion for a single vote for the entire slate.  The motion was seconded by Andy Richards and carried.  Andy Cobaugh moved that the presented slate of candidates be elected to office: President Dan Durachko, Vice President Ken Dishman, Corresponding Secretary Keith Koch, Treasurer Andy Richards, Recording Secretary Tom Canich.  Tom Canich seconded the motion and it carried without objection.

Dan shared news of Doug Weidman's injury.

Andy Richards presented the Treasurer's report, combining January and February activity.  Our opening balance was $41,898.68 closing at $30,915.35.  Keith moved to accept the report, seconded by Andy Cobaugh.  The motion carried.  Amazon smile accounts were discussed with a portion of sale being donated to a charity.  Several checks were misplaced last year with no significant fallout -- the checks have been found.  Online membership is planned for 2016.

Andy Cobaugh reported 1309 page views in Februrary.  He is working on a Google script to automate many membership activities.  He is considering how to make online ticket sales more like online shopping and to automate as many aspects of those sales as possible, with an eye towards RDC operations.

The RDC project is moving along.  A compression test for the engines has been ordered to determine internal condition.  The expenses will be paid from the unforeseen costs item of the project budget.  A control stand from 9153 was sent to RMS as a model for making a new stand for 9167.  A date extension was requested by the contractor, RMS, to complete the project May 29.  This was due to unforeseen work added to the project.  RMS is trying to locate new shocks or price rebuild options.  They are also looking at options for repairs to a cracked spring on one truck.  Ozark Mountain may be a good source for parts.  The buffer sills report was received indicate bent and damaged parts.

There will be two speeder events with the LVA this Summer.  The Strawberry Festival June 20th and the new Lemont Arts Festival July 10, 11, and 12.  Dates and times for rides during the arts festival were discussed: 10 - 5 Saturday, 12 - 5 Sunday.

The Volunteer Fair is Saturday, March 7 10 -2.  Lon and Ken will attend.

Steve is working on renewing his license.  Andy Cobaugh suggests a small group works on modifying the NS/NSHR rules.  Andy Richards suggested we include the entire set of rules, then write exceptions to remove portions we will not follow (example, hazmat rules).

The ATRRM convention is in York April 16,17,18.  Contact Andy Richards or visit their web site for details.

Ticket sales for Fall Foliage will begin August 1.  Ticket sales for Santa Express will begin November 1.  No pre-sales will be done.  These dates can be announced on the web site and via email.

Tom Canich moved to adjourn, seconded by Tracey L. Durf.  The motion carried with one opposed.  Meeting adjourned at 8:27.