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The meeting was called to order at 7 PM by president Dan Durachko.  In attendance were Melvin Shuey, Cody Martin, Tracey L. Bessemer, Andy Cobaugh, Andy Richards, Keith Koch, Steve Dillon, Ken Dishman, Dan Durachko, Johnathan White, Hunter Robertson, Doug Weidman, and Tom Canich.

Jeff Stoudt's passing was noted and a moment of silence held.  Jeff was an active member of the society including service as recording secretary for many years and in organizing our participation in the BonTon Community Days events.  He will be missed.

Secretary: Ken moved to accept the minutes as presented, seconded by Doug.  The motion carried.

Treasurer: Andy R. reported that RDC funds are passing through from PennDOT to RMS.  Our outstanding bill to Grove printing has been paid.  We received a donation from Nick Rapak with a match from his employer JP Morgan.  We also received a $200 donation from another member.  We have an outstanding obligation to JRA for the SMS siding work.  We are currently out-of-pocket by about $16,500 on the RDC project.  We expect an additional $600 in repairs out of scope for repair to a stabilizer rod below the bathroom, presumably destroyed by a leak from above.  Tom moved to accept the report, seconded by Doug.  The motion carried.

Membership: Doug reported that confusion with a particular membership renewal has been sorted out.  Cards will ship in the future when he is able to process them.

Web: Andy C. reported that the domain name transfer of bellefontetrain.org from our old web hosting company to Google is complete.  Our savings from this move are significant.  Bhrr.org and bhrrtix.org have also been registered and will point to bellefontetrain.org.  These may point to specific subpages in the future.  Costs of the domain registartions have been donated by Andy C.  He will post the trip info tonight.

The ticket sales process was discussed.  WhistleTix was mentioned and rejected.  Better integration with PayPal is to be worked on to streamline our process.  Sales for RDC tickets were discussed including the need for pre-sales versus walk-in only.

Caboose/Snowplow: Ken is planning to replace the tarps on the snow plow in June or July.  Keith will paint the plow and caboose.  The problems of working on the caboose in the current location were discussed.  Tom and Tracey will look into costs and feasibility of moving the caboose to a nearby facility to complete the restoration work.

Lemont MOW: Doug will walk the Lemont track and report conditions.  We will test pramitol in the cut and near the firepit area.  This needs to be done by the first week of June to be effective before the NARCOA run in mid-June.

RDC: The project is moving forward.  Compression testing on the b-end engine is complete and results are good.  Some circlips on the rocker arms need to be replaced.  Gaskets are needed to complete testing on the a-end engine.  The project end date has been pushed to July.  

Sutton siding: The JRA is holding a special meeting to discuss this siding work and other issues.

Rulebook: Steve is working on this and has consulted with Chris in Pittsburgh.  He has one more book to look at before proceeding.

Fall Foliage: Sally from HBI visited to discuss their plans for the Fall Foliage weekend.  They will run a shuttle from the High School to provide supplemental parking.  A nut vendor will not be provided as we will be hosting the Nutty Bavarian.  3wz will be present.  HBI will work with us on cooperative advertising for all events that weekend.  HBI is also raising money via CentreGives.

We have nothing planned for National Train Day.  The PRR technical society meeting event has been canceled.
The borough has been officially asked to move the freight house from its current site to a location near the CVS.

Tom moved to adjourn, seconded by Doug.  The meeting adjourned at 8:15 PM.