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Minutes – BHRS Monthly Meeting – July 6, 2015 – Prepared by D. Durachko

Attendants:  D. Grupe, K. Koch, J. White, A. Cobaugh, T. Besemer, G. Tucker, S. Dillon, A. Richards, C. Martin, M. Shuey, D. Durachko

Call to Order @ 7:08PM.

Reading of prior meeting minutes waived.

Treasurer’s report approved.  Motion D. Grupe, Second K. Koch.  Report attached.

Two new members reported.  Information attached.

Webmaster report attached.

K. Koch reported two local sources willing to provide discounted vinyl decals for 9167.

Vote called for and passed to have side stripes above windows of 9167 be polished stainless with blue lettering instead of yellow lettering on blue stripe.

S. Dillon reported rules book nearly complete and looked upon very favorably by North Shore contacts.  Noted operating staff of 15 or less requires only pre-employment certification while 16 or more requires random drug testing program in addition to certification.  Certification includes hearing, sight, drug, and alcohol tests currently totaling $120.00.  Mount Nittany Health approved to certify BHRR personnel.  Personal payment will be required.  Reimbursement from our treasury will follow upon successful completion of all tests and presentation of receipt.

Decision made to begin online ticket sales for autumn runs on August 1st.  Station sales undecided.

Worthy of noting is we found it difficult to recall our new domains so for posterity we now have the following:  www.bellefontetrain.org, www.bhrrtix.org, & www.bhrr.org.

Meeting adjourned @ 8:57PM.