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The meeting was called to order at 7:05 PM  by President Durachko.  In attendance members Johnathan White, Dan Durachko, Tom Milton, Steve Dillon, Gene Tucker, Andy Richards, Andy Cobaugh, Tracey L. Besemer, Tom Canich, and guest Sally Houser.

Secretary Canich presented July meeting minutes .  Andy Richards moved to accept them, seconded by Andy Cobaugh.  The motion carried.

Treasurer Richards reported on activity to our accounts, details in the July treasurer's report.  Tom Canich moved to accept, seconded by Steve Dillon.  The motion carried.

Web master Cobaugh reported ticket sales for fall foliage were activated early morning on August 1.  We saw 2,634 page views with 920 unique sessions.

Fall foliage advertising is being coordinated by Nick Rapak.  Dan Durachko will follow up with him.  Flyers will be updated for the current trips using the existing design.  Tom Canich moved to print up to 1,000 flyers, seconded by Dan Durachko.  The motion carried.  HBI is working on broad advertising for fall foliage.   Dan will talk to Nick about our facebook following.

Andy Richards moved to donate $150 to Lemont Village Association (LVA) for their help in organizing the speeder event at the Lemont Arts Festival, Dan Durachko seconded.  the motion carried.  Andy Richards read a letter from the LVA thanking us for our help with the festival.

No membership checks were received this month.

Gary Hoover is still trying to contact Titan about space to rehabilitate the caboose.  No repairs have been done to the snow plow roof.  Andy Richards will get a quote for contracting parts of the caboose project.

Tracey will contact Jessica about decorations for Fall Foliage Halloween excursions.  If Jessica isn't available Tracey will organize this on her own.  Tom Canich moved $300 be spent for candy, decorations, and other supplies for these excursions, seconded by Steve Dillon.  The motion carried.

RMS has provided an estimate to install a ditch light controller on the RDC totaling $3,428.35.  We discussed the technical requirements for a controller and noted that it isn't required by the FRA.  We need estimates from RMS on other work (body work/paint, fuel injectors, waste storage tank) before making a decision.

The Curtin village foundation is seeking to rebuild its membership and board.  The village currently has only one tour guide, no working bathrooms, very little advertising.  Major repairs and property upkeep are funded by the State.  Volunteers are needed for tours, gardening, board membership, and other tasks.  Advertising is critical to the operation's success.  PHMC is open to supporting the village more heavily including restoring the bathrooms to operation.  

Sally Houser (HBI) discussed the marketing efforts for Curtin, BHRS, and other area groups and fund raising efforts in Bellefonte.  Dan Durachko moved to spend $3,000 in advertising for both 2015 excursion weekends, seconded by Andy Cobaugh.  The motion carried.

Steve Dillon reported that the rule book is complete.  Class I brake testing differs from our previous rules and he is getting more information.

Discussion of installing a fence in Lemont along the tracks near the Dale street crossing is tabled for September.

Tom Canich moved to adjourn, seconded by Andy Cobaugh.  The motion carried and the meeting adjourned at 8:55 PM.