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The meeting was called to order at 7:15 PM by President Durachko.  In attendance were Dan Durachko, Andy Cobaugh, Tracey Besemer, Lon Beck, Andy Richards, Steve Dillon, Cody Martin, Dave Felice, Gene Tucker, Johnathan White, Melvin Shuey, Keith Koch, Tom Canich, and guest Sally Houser (HBI).

August minutes were moved to be accepted by Dan Durachko; motion seconded by Andy Cobaugh. The motion carried.

Andy Richards presented the Treasurer's report.  We passed money for the RDC project from the State to RMS.  We received $7 in Amazon Smile donations, a no-cost way to earn donations for BHRS from Amazon when shopping at Amazon.com.  $5,000 from Fall Foliage ticket sales was transferred from PayPal.  We are committed to up to $20,000 in RDC repair costs above the grant amount.

We've sold about 25% of Fall Foliage tickets.  PayPal has another $3,000 - $4,000.  HBI will run 50 prime time ads on Fox 8 in the last two weeks of September.  Newspaper advertising will be done in October.

Gene Tucker moved to accept the report; motion seconded by Tracey Besemer.  The motion carried.

Andy Cobaugh reports 1,180 site visits in the past month.  A discussion of frequently asked questions was held.

Keith Koch plans to paint the plow cupola on September 15.  The upper part of the caboose was scraped and painted this week.  The plow needs to have its tarp replaced and the front of the plow needs to be finished.

The RDC paint scope has been provided to RMS with line items requested for striping and decal work.  A visit to RMS is planned between September 28th - 30th open to any BHRS members interested.  No further progress has been made on the injector rebuild -- some injectors are ok, some show signs of wear but parts to rebuild aren't available.  Andy Cobaugh will pull a spare injector and try rebuilding/cleaning it.  The engines, electrical, and cooling systems are being connected.  No price has been provided for an estimated 30 gallon sewage tank.  Two Rolokrons are bad -- one has been repaired, one needs parts.  The interior light parts are available to restore original function.  Solid state rebuilds work, but provide weak light.  Off-the-shelf LED lamps are also dim.  RMS has a line on lens covers.  The control stand tooling is finished but final work needs to be completed before casting.  The coolant connector neck may need to be replaced due to corrosion.  Cab side door windows are being installed.  The fireman's side cab windshield has arrived but it doesn't appear correct from the interior (fit issue).  A cover plate is being considered to correct the appearance.  It is functionally acceptable and appears correct from the exterior.  RMS has a heated windshield on order for the engineer's side of the cab.  A new plenum bag is being made after a prototype bag was tested.  RMS is still looking at door locks and looking to a problem with the foot release on a trap door.  RMS estimates the project will be complete by the end of October.

Steve Dillon has finished work on our rulebook.  North Shore is reviewing our training program for any obvious issues before we send it to the FRA for approval. Steve established an account with Mt. Nittany's Occupational Health group for screenings.  They estimate $75 per person per test.  We need to complete an operating agreement with North Shore and iron out rulebook details.  Shane from North Shore will again try to get an answer from the FRA on training hours for student engineers.

The Lemont fence installation has been tabled until Spring.

Gene Tucker will lead a weed cutting party in Lemont on September 19th.  The party will leave the post office at 9 AM.  Andy Cobaugh will ask about who plans to bring electric tools to determine if a generator should be provided.

Andy Richards moved we purchase up to six sections of 85# rail from the JRA for a maximum of $600; the motion was seconded by Andy Cobaugh.  The motion carried.

We discussed a request to have a child's birthday party on board the Halloween Express.  Dan will check with Jeff Pontius about doing this in the diner or caboose, depending on final head count for the group.

Sally Houser will give us a cost share estimate on a shuttle service HBI will provide for the weekend of our Fall Foliage runs.  The Antique Fair is the same weekend.

Signage in Lemont was discussed.  Questions of legal liability, placement, and wording was included in the discussion.  Cody Martin provided a sample sign text warning of trains moving on the rails.  Andy Richards moved to place signs with the sample warning text at the public grade crossings, the private grade crossing, and the foot path near Mulberry, spending up to $200 for signs and mounting supplies, and removing the text at the bottom stating the public's safety is our priority; the motion was seconded by Keith Koch.  The motion carried with 5 in favor and 4 opposed.  The opposition stated concerns about encouraging the public to use the tracks and opening BHRS to additional liability versus no signing or signs prohibiting trespassing.

Sally Houser invited us to sponsor a Hometown Heroes banner for $200.  The banner program celebrates local veterans.  Dan moved we sponsor a banner for an individual chosen by HBI; Andy Richards seconded the motion.  The motion carried.

The PA child safety laws and our need to comply with them were discussed.  We believe members will need a background check when working with minor volunteers, but it isn't clear to which situations this applies.  If applicable, we must comply by July 2016.  Tom Canich moved we retain legal counsel to advise us in January if the law had not been changed by the legislature by that time; the motion was seconded by Andy Cobaugh.  The motion carried.

Keith will talk to the borough about opening the outdoor bathrooms for Fall Foliage and Santa Express.  BHRS is willing to cover the costs of opening and closing the bathrooms if we follow through with having them opened.

We discussed insurance for speeder events with respect to individuals providing their own equipment for the event.  BHRS has a general liability policy of $1 million per person, $2 million per incident but it is unclear if the policy covers member owned equipment or the owners.  We discussed leasing the member owned equipment as a possibly solution.  Andy Richards will provide a copy of the insurance policy to Cody and Gene so they can seek legal counsel.

Andy Richards will send Santa Express tickets to the printer for sale after Fall Foliage.

Andy Cobaugh moved to adjourn the meeting; the motion was seconded by Andy Richards.  The motion carried with 8 in favor, 1 opposed (Melvin!).  The meeting adjourned at 9:20 PM.