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The meeting was called to order at 7 PM by President Durachko.  In attendance were members Keith Koch, Steve Dillon, Tom Milton, Andy Richards, Tracey L. Besemer, Andy Cobaugh, Hunter R., Johnathan White, Dan Durachko, Cody Martin, Melvin Shuey, and Tom Canich.

Meeting minutes were presented.  Keith Koch moved to accept the minutes, seconded by Steve Dillon.  The motion carried.

The Treasurer's report was presented.  Tom Canich moved to accept the report, seconded by Steve Dillon.  The motion carried.

Fall Foliage ticket sales have been steady anticipating 3/4 sellout.  Advertising is being done via WPSU, television in coordination with HBI.  Andy Richards will talk to 3WZ about paid advertising.

We had 4,498 visits to the web site with traffic up near the end of September.  Andy Cobaugh will prepare a report comparing sales rates year over year.

No membership report was presented.

Keith Koch painted the caboose.  The plow needs roof repairs.

The RDC project continues.  We have costs for most of the remaining repairs.  Keith Koch moved to spend up to $10,000 additional funds on the RDC project, seconded by Melvin Shuey.  The motion carried.  A photo mockup of the proposed paint plan was shared with no objections voiced.  The New Haven logo is still partially visible on parts of the car and we discussed preserving it versus switching to an all BHRS paint scheme.  Dan Durachko moved to switch to an all BHRS paint scheme, seconded by Tom Canich.  The motion carried.

North Shore continues to provide advice on our planned rule book.  We have no response from FRA on the templates provided or an answer on hours of service for trainees.  Cell phones are not allowed in the cab unless powered off and secured by Conductor.

We received two donated books about local rail history from Norma Dale Eckeroth.  Keith Koch will write a thank you letter.

We discussed the need to replace the rail in Lemont prior to the excursion.  We are confident it is legal but Dan will double check with Fred for a second opinion.

Keith Koch moved to adjourn the meeting, seconded by Tom Canich.  The motion carried.

The meeting adjourned at 8:30 PM.