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The meeting was called to order at 7 PM by President Durachko.  In attendance were members Doug Weidman, Steve Dillon, Tom Milton, Gene Tucker, Lon Beck, Melvin Shuey, Tracey Besemer, Andrew Cobaugh, Dave Felice, Cody Martin, Tom Canich, and visitors Jeff Pontius, John Spychalski, and Susan Hochtreiter.

Minutes from the October meeting were presented.  Tom Milton moved to accept the minutes, seconded by Doug Weidman.  The motion carried.

Dan presented the Treasurer's report.  We have about $130,000 in the bank due to Fall Foliage revenues owed to JRA and Santa Express ticket sales, also owed to JRA, plus pass through funds for the RDC project.  Ticket sale processing is about 70% complete.  Tom Canich moved to accept the report, seconded by Dan Durachko.  The motion carried.

Doug Weidman reported that membership is up to date but cards still need to be sent.  Doug is resigning the membership chair and will be succeeded by Tracey Besemer.

Andy Cobaugh reported that we sold all tickets in 18 hours driven largely by Facebook referrals.  He sent a report to the members email list.

John Spychalski and Jeff Pontius provided a history and discussion of the passenger excursions.  This included the JRA role as an organizer and insurer and the Penn Valley role in providing passenger equipment.  Per the standing agreement, Penn Valley receives 60% of excursion revenues and the sponsoring organization 40%.  JRA and NBER receive no funds from these excursions.  Insurance carried by JRA for these excursions costs are about $16,000 annually.  It is very important for car hosts and other crew to maintain a safety culture and focus on the job at hand throughout their shift.  Penn Valley and JRA will share a copy of their safety rules book.

Food on the train continues to be a problem and we'll need to try harder to control it.  Additional signing will be deployed.

Our staff will need to be more vigilant for those who need extra accommodations in boarding and get them to the front of the line.  Car hosts need to remind passengers, as needed, to remain in their seats, keep their bodies inside the windows, and to keep their children under control and not running up and down the aisles.

Jeff Pontius welcomes any of our members who would like to wear a costume on the Santa runs.  Also, any volunteers to help out at Willimsport are welcome.

Jeff presented us with two framed pictures for display in the station.

Tom Canich moved to adjourn the meeting, seconded by Andy Cobaugh.  The motion carried.

Meeting adjourned at 8:20 PM.