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Updated 2016-02-25 to correct date of Lock Haven excursion. -tc

The meeting was called to order at 7 PM by President Durachko on January 4, 2016 at the Bellefonte Train Station.  In attendance were members Dirk Grupe, Cody Martin, Tom Milton, Andy Cobaugh, Melvin Shuey, Johnathan White, Andy Richards, Dan Durachko, Keith Koch, Susan Hochreiter, and Tom Canich.

Meeting minutes from December were presented.  Andy Cobaugh moved to accept the minutes, seconded by Tom Milton; the motion carried.

The Treasurer's report was presented.  Bills for excursions, insurance, and RDC repairs were paid.  We donated $300 to the Fire Police for their work during excursions.  Andy Richards received reimbursement of $700 for rail tools, supplies, and stanchions purchased.  We received income from Cody's T-shirt sale and a donation from Nick Rapak.  Tom Canich moved to accept the report, seconded by Andy Cobaugh; the motion carried.

Membership renewals are due soon.  No other report.

The website saw 2,462 visits.  Santa Express sale date of November 1, 2016 will be posted in January.  August 1, 2016 date for Fall Foliage sales will also be announced.

Cody Martin produced and printed calendars at a cost of $413.30 for 100.  The Society will provide calendars to the JRA, NSHR, and other organizations at no cost to the recipients.  Andy Richards moved to reimburse Cody for the cost of the calendars, seconded by Tom Canich; the motion carried.  Andy Richards moved to sell calendars to members at a cost of $5/calendar, seconded by Tom Canich; the motion carried.

Cody Martin procured Santa-themed costumes for $312.10 for use during excursions.  Andy Richards moved to reimburse Cody for the cost of these costumes, seconded by Keith Koch; the motion carried.

No report on the caboose or snow plow.

We sent a coolant elbow to RMS for installation on the RDC.  RMS should now have everything they need to complete the project.  We have received a request to charter the RDC for a wedding in May 2016.  It is unlikely we'll be ready in time for this event.  The PSU Web Conference is June 13, 14, 15 and may want to use the RDC.

Lock Haven will again run an excursion to Bellefonte on Penn Valley equipment June 18.  There are no plans for the equipment during the 3 hour layover in Bellefonte.

The freight house move includes a platform extension along the tracks.

Tom Canich will head a nominating committee for officer positions.  A slate will be offered at the February meeting.  Andy Cobaugh will post to the mailing list calling for nominations from the floor at the meeting.

Tom Canich will scan the comments collected during the Santa Express and send the PDF to Andy Richards and Dan.

Steve Dillon met with Shane Smith.  FRA templates were provided and revised.  Our application reduces required engineer hours from 80 to 30.  We're awaiting approval.  Michael Bowls (sp?), FRA inspector, says that NSHR will have to run our rules class.

Grade Crossing paperwork is not yet completed.  NSHR will allow us to use their contact number for posting at the crossing.  A STOP sign will need to be installed at the private crossing.

Tom Canich moved to adjourn, seconded by Andy Cobaugh; the motion carried. 

Meeting adjourned 8:10 PM.