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The meeting was called to order at 7 PM by President Durachko.  Present were members Dan Durachko, Gene Tucker, Steve Dillon, Kevin Lloyd, Andy Cobaugh, Ken Dishman, Johnathan White, Melvin Shuey, Andy Richards, Cody Martin, Tom Milton, and Tom Canich.

Meeting minutes from March were not available for approval.

The Treasurer reports our total opening balance is $44,300.13.  We purchased a switch key artifact, registered with UMLER, paid rent and utilities.  We received membership dues and donations.  We also have pass-through funds related to the RDC project.  Our closing balance is $61,375.11.  Tom Canich moved to accept the report, seconded by Ken Dishman; the motion carried.

The Web master reports a link to Centre Gives has been published on our site.  We had 501 visits between March and April.

Caboose/Snow Plow: Ken Dishman is planning roof work in June.  Roofing materials for the cupola/slope transition area on the plow were discussed.

RDC: Rail cars may be stored on the line near the Nittany Mall until August 2016, or later.  A sinkhole in the same area is being repaired.  NBER has committed to moving the RDC on their line at no charge to us when it is returned from the contractor.  Norfolk Southern is working on a quote for a direct move as a freight car.  Construction is expected to end May 15 with a return in late May or early June.  Return to service is anticipated late Fall.

We asked about the possibility of hosting a safety rules class in the State College area.  Barring this, the class will be offered in Shamokin on Thursdays in October.  We will need to pass the rules class per FRA when we begin operating.  We need to complete an operating agreement with North Shore.  We need to clarify if the Live Nativity is an option and if we will need a pilot for this trip.

Speeders: We haven't developed a price schedule for private excursions.  Lemont track needs to be sprayed and some maintenance performed.  We will plan a work party for Saturday, May 28.  Pump cars will be operated at the Strawberry Festival.  We will have 2 trains with 2 push cars for the Arts Festival.  We discussed how to extend the pump car run in concert with the motor cars: Load motor cars at Dale Street, run pump cars Mary to Dale Street; Seek permission to run to Centre Concrete; Simultaneous runs with staggered departure and end points (with pumps ending at the "Dead Zone" before the cut.  A stop sign is needed at the private crossing.  Cody Martin invites us to his graduation party Saturday, June 4 at 11 AM at the Granary.  Gene has a contact with a steam car and will ask about bringing the car to run in Lemont during public excursions.

Private speeder excursion pricing was discussed: $50 deposit non-refundable at 7 days out; $250 for first hour of rides including a car, 3 crew, and a push car;  $50 for each additional 30 minutes; $100 for each additional push car and motor car.  Tom Canich will contact Anna K. to verify interest, date, and number of guests.

We discussed acquiring old PRR signals and where to place one.  Cody Martin will make contact about this.

Cody Martin accepted a nomination to serve as interim Corresponding Secretary for the duration of the term.

Andy Cobaugh moved to adjourn, seconded by Dan Durachko; meeting adjourned 8:50 PM.