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The meeting was called to order at 7 PM by President Durachko.  Present were members Gene Tucker, Dan Durachko, Lon Beck, Kevin Lloyd, Cody Martin, Andy Richards, Steve Dillon, and Tom Canich.

June meeting minutes were presented.  Gene Tucker moved to accept the minutes, seconded by Lon Beck; the motion carried.

The Treasurer presented his report.  We had an opening balance of $54,862.63 with $4,391.97 of this balance in the caboose/snowplow fund.  We paid various bills and reimbursed Cody Martin for expenses related to signing in Lemont.  We received $993 in revenue from the Lemont Strawberry Festival with $30 in expenses for signs.  We sent $2,390 in Rail Cruise ticket revenue to the JRA; we expect to receive 40% of this.  We paid our annual membership dues to the RPCA.  Our closing balance was $49,286.64, $53,678.61 including the caboose/snowplow fund.  Lon Beck moved to accept the report, seconded by Dan Durachko; the motion carried.

No webmaster report was presented.

No membership committee report was presented.

No caboose/snowplow report was presented.

Cody Martin spent $926.50 to purchase BHRS hats.  These hats are for sale to members and the general public, and as promotional items.  3 styles are available.  Andy Richards moved we reimburse Cody $926.50, seconded by Gene Tucker; the motion carried.

The contractor continued work on RDC #9167.  The earliest possible return date is August 2016 and a later date is more likely.  Outstanding items are glazing fro the locker and bathroom, A/C compressor shaft seal, and the engine cooling system on both ends.  The A-end engine cooling system is not working and will need to be repaired for approximately $3,500.  The B-end system appears to be working but is modified from the original and the current configuration is not understood.  For $5,500 both ends can be returned to a known design accomplishing the same function as the original design.  The decision to do only the A-end or both ends was discussed.  Dan Durachko moved to rebuild both the A- and B-end engine cooling systems, seconded by Steve Dillon; the motion carried.  Andy Richards will contact Able signs about vinyl decals for the car.  We discussed having the contractor install the decals before returning the car and the consensus was to do this if the cost was not large.

We received a legal update on the situation in Lemont.  The PA Department of Agriculture received a complaint about herbicide application and is completing an investigation into the complaint.  We discussed the need to survey the property and sending notification letters to the owner and tenants asserting our right to use and maintain our property.  We discussed the need to receive certification and insurance or hire certified and insured contractors because the line crosses a public right-of-way.  We will need to investigate the governing rules further as no statute was known to cover this subject.  Gene will investigate this.  Herbicide application in Lemont was completed on June 9th rather than the 7th as originally planned.  Chemicals were sprayed from an adjustable boom to about 2 feet beyond the end of ties.  This was very effective in reducing weed growth.

We will need to replace the broken rail this fall when the weather cools.  Some hanging branches were observed which will need to be removed.  The retaining wall near the granary is deteriorating and should be repaired.  Cody Martin offered use of his wood chipper to remove brush piles on the condition that all chipped wood is given to him -- the consensus was that this is acceptable and the offer appreciated.  Sink hole repair on the NBER near the Nittany Mall was discussed.

Fall Foliage ticket sales are set to begin August 1.  Andy Richards will get tickets printed.

We will provide speeder rides at the Lemont Arts Festival: Saturday 10-4  and Sunday 12-4.  Joel Williams will not be available but Steve Dillon is willing to operate his pump car.  Ideas to streamline ticket sales were discussed.  Operations will proceed on the same plan as the Strawberry Festival with the pump cars following the speeder up the track.

Gene Tucker moved to adjourn the meeting, seconded by Steve Dillon;  Meeting adjourned 8:45 PM.

UPDATED: 2016-09-12 to correct distance beyond ties of weed control application. -tc