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The meeting was called to order at 7 PM by President Durachko.  Present were members Dan Durachko, Melvin Shuey, Johnathan White, Tom Milton, Gene Tucker, Andy Richards, Steve Dillon, Andy Cobaugh, and Tom Canich.

July meeting minutes were presented.  A transcription error was noted and corrected.  Tom Milton moved to accept the minutes as corrected, seconded by Steve Dillon.  The motion carried.

The Treasurer reported that we have a balance of $45,388.63, $49,780.60 including the caboose/snowplow fund.  We reimbursed Cody Martin $926.50 for the cost of hats, paid routine bills, and paid our RDC contractor.  We received funds from the rail cruise in June and from the Centre Gives fundraising campaign.  Gene Tucker moved to accept the report, seconded by Steve Dillon.  The motion carried.

RDC project funding and status were reviewed.  We had $295,000 in funding through the State.  The initial RMS project scope cost at approximately $285,000, with an additional $39,000 in accepted change orders to date, giving a total project cost of about $325,000.  Our cost beyond the grant is the difference of the total and the State funding: about $30,000.  Additional administrative costs to the project from PennDOT are about $1,200.  RMS has invoiced $304,000 to date and we have paid $297,000 to them.  PennDOT has reimbursed us for $275,000 with two invoices of about $16,000 total pending reimbursement.  This leaves us about $4,500 over our previously approved spending on the project.  Andy Cobaugh moved we increase the authorized funding from BHRS to $35,000, seconded by Andy Richards.  The motion carried.

Work continues on the RDC by RMS.  They are working on an air conditioning solution as well as some other final details.  We may be required to perform random drug screenings as we are part of the general system of railroads.  Annual sight and hearing tests will be required of operating crews.  Gene will check with Walkersville about their drug screening requirements.  Rules classes will be every Thursday of October in Shamokin.  Operating crew members must attend a rules class annually.

We had 886 visitors in July.  Facebook drove a big spike in visits on August 1.  We discussed the need for flyers to promote fall foliage.  Andy Richards will have some flyers printed.  Dan will pick up tickets for Fall Foliage from the printers.  Tickets for Fall Foliage will be sold in the station with initial stock of 25 tickets per ride.  We discussed protocols for distributing ticket processing.  Dan will check with Renee about any required approvals or notifications to the Borough or HBI.

The Lemont retaining wall is deteriorating.  Gene is working on a plan and may organize a September work party to address this or other repairs.  Gene has the study materials for herbicide certification should we need them.

We received a letter from the LVA thanking us for participation in the Lemont Arts Festival.  Andy Richards moved to donate $350 to the LVA, seconded by Tom Milton.  The motion carried.  We discussed changes to our LVA Arts Fest schedule including expansion to Friday evening, reduction to one weekend day, and keeping the current Saturday/Sunday schedule.  Concerns about availability of voluteers were mentioned.  We need 5-7 volunteers each day to staff the event.  We also discussed using the RDC as a shuttle between Lemont and Dale Summit to aid in limited parking.  Finally, we considered having dedicated offerings on each day of the festival such as "Pump Car Friday" rather than running both motorcars and pumpcars simultaneously.

The Borough will make repairs to the station's down spouting and request volunteer labor in September to repair the brick walkway.  The walkway will be disturbed to make the repairs.  The date for the work is not yet known.

Andy Cobaugh moved to adjourn, seconded by Gene Tucker.  The motion carried.  Meeting adjourned 8:50 PM.