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The meeting was called to order at 7 PM by President Durachko.  Present were members Cody Martin, Hunter Robertson, Gene Tucker, Dan Durachko, Andy Cobaugh, Tracey L. Besemer, Andy Richards, Johnathan White, Steve Dillon, and Tom Canich.

The Recording Secretary presented August meeting minutes for review.  Andy Cobaugh moved to accept the minutes, seconded by Tracey L. Besemer; the motion carried.

The Treasurer reported we have an opening balance of $49,780.60, including the caboose/snow plow fund.  We paid dues to the visitor's bureau, accounting fees for our IRS filing, bills, and other expenses.  Our closing balance is $45, 382.81 in the general fund and a total of $49,774.78 in the combined general and caboose/snow plow funds.  Gene Tucker moved to accept the report, seconded by Andy Cobaugh; the motion carried.

The Membership chair reported no activity.

The Web Master reported 2,378 sessions with 5,995 page views.

Fall Foliage ticket sales continue.  HBI is working on out-of-market TV ads for our excursions.  Andy Richards moved we spend up to $1,500 for advertising of Fall Foliage, seconded by Tracey L. Besemer; the motion carried.

The RDC is under repair at the contractor's facility.  The voltage regulator and A/C compressor shaft seal are unresolved.  The contractor is awaiting a proposal for replacement of the A/C system.  We discussed the working A/C system on 9153 as a potential replacement but it requires a working external generator which we do not have.

Rules classes are 9/13, 9/15, 9/27, and 9/29 at the Shamokin Hoss's.  Classes start at 8 AM and last most of the day.  Operating crews must pass an annual rules class.

The Bald Eagle Area School District requested information about local railroads, present and historic, for an art project.  Cody will contact Todd Hunter regarding information about current railroads.  Andy Richards will provide a presentation if a common time can be identified.

Tracey L. Besemer will coordinate the Halloween candy, decorations, and costuming.  Andy Richards moved we spend up to $500 for candy, decorations, and costumes, seconded by Tracey L. Besemer; the motion carried.

Cody and Andy Richards will request permission from the JRA that we use the track near the station to provide speeder rides during the Bellefonte Fall Festival October 15.

Gene Tucker moved to adjourn the meeting, seconded by Steve Dillon; the motion carried. 

Meeting adjourned 8:15 PM.