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The meeting was called to order by President Durachko at 7 PM.  Present were members Dan Durachko, Andy Cobaugh, Johnathan White, Hunter Robertson, Andy Richards, Cody Martin, Steve Dillon, Dave Felice, and Tom Canich.

Meeting minutes from the December 2016 meeting were reviewed.  Cody Martin moved to accept the minutes, seconded by Andy Cobaugh; the motion carried.

The Treasurer presented a report reviewing accounts back to October 2016.  Our opening balance was $64,675.86.  We reimbursed Tracey Besemer for candy and decorations for the Halloween Express.  The candy reimbursement was returned from Tracey to us after the vendor accepted a return of the unused candy due to trip cancellation.  Cody Martin was reimbursed for safety chain.  Dan Durachko was reimbursed for postage and other supplies.  We reimbursed BIACC $60 to clean the station following Santa Express. 

We paid usual bills and made payments to RMS for RDC work completed.  We also paid Grove Printing for fall foliage tickets.  We paid $1,732 in refunds by check to Fall Foliage ticket holders who did not use PayPal to purchase, or where PayPal was unable to complete the refund.  Fall Foliage advertising expenses were about $750.

We received donations from the Amazon Smile program.  Our PayPal balance has been moved entirely to the checking account; we are no longer using PayPal although the account remains active.  We received $39,000 from Eventbrite in ticket revenues for Santa Express.
  Closing balance was $95,465.61 not counting money to JRA for the Santa Express.  Andy Cobaugh moved to accept the report, seconded by Cody Martin; the motion carried.

The Web master reported 2,955 sessions in December with 67.4% from new visitors.

The caboose and snow plow will need work in early Spring to stabilize the roof and make progress on the caboose cupola.

NS has issued new rulebooks.  A new timetable and general order are expected soon from NSHR.  The RDC has a rebuilt starter installed and tested.  RMS is working on the voltage regulator.  Air conditioning and speedometer calibration are outstanding.  We discussed replacement of the compressor due to uncertainty about the state of the rest of the system.  We will ask RMS to charge the system to below the observed leak pressure (about 100 psi) and try running it to check for other leaks in the system.  We will also ask about replacement of the bearings which are showing up to 0.015" radial play.

Santa Express trips went well with the new ticketing system.  We discussed the need to increase our sell-to point from 350 to 360.  Selling the caboose as a non-character car, as a flat rate or per seat for 15 seats, was also discussed.  Characters should start earlier to allow sufficient time for all to make it through the train; we discussed going further towards Pleasant Gap at a higher speed, and possibly stretching the ride to 70 minutes, to allow for a better ride and more character time.  Andy Cobaugh is arranging a meeting with the other Santa Express sponsor groups to share ideas.  We will likely increase prices to $12 for 2017 to match pricing of other groups.  Sales will begin at 8 AM on November 1, 2017 and December 1, 2018.  We will enforce a refund policy on Eventbrite sales: no refunds less than 1 week before the ride date.  Andy Cobaugh is investigating other ticketing systems.  We discussed the future of station sales and options for simultaneous station and online inventory management.  We will not list lap tickets in the future -- they will be available by request at the station.

JRA has requested a timetable with dates for 2017.  For Santa Express we will ask for our usual times plus 4 PM Friday and 10 AM Sunday.

Curtin Village is planning a Civil War encampment the weekend of the Bellefonte Cruise, June 17-18.  We have access to the PV train set that weekend and could run excursions from Bellefonte to Curtin.

Andy Richards moved to donate $300 to the Bellefonte Fire Police in recognition of their help with crowds and safety during the Santa Express, seconded by Steve Dillon; the motion carried.

We discussed Fall Foliage dates -- we will request 10/28 as a first choice followed by 10/14 and then 10/21.

Andy Cobaugh moved to adjourn, seconded by Cody Martin; the motion carried.  Meeting adjourned 9 PM.