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The meeting was called to order at 7:05 PM by President Durachko.  Present were members Dan Durachko, Susan Hochreiter, Andy Richards, Steve Dillon, Tom Milton, and Tom Canich.

Secretary Canich presented July meeting minutes.  Andys Richards and Cobaugh noted a missing last initial in the caboose/snow plow minutes.  Tom C. will update the minutes with the correct last initial, "C".  Andy C. moved to accept the minutes as corrected, seconded by Steve; the motion carried.

Treasurer Richards reported an opening balance of $51,947.82 including the caboose/snow plow fund.  We donated $200 to the Lemont Village Association (LVA) and paid standard bills and rents.  The closing balance was $51,472.72.  We generated $575 at the Curtin Village speeder event and paid $15 reimbursement to Tom C. for field repair supplies.  Andy C. moved to accept the report, seconded by Steve; the motion carried.

Interim Chair Durachko received a number of applications to be processed.  We are still seeking a chair for the membership committee -- contact Dan if you are able to fill this role.

Webmaster Cobaugh reported 738 sessions in July.  Tickets for Fall excursions were available August 1 at 8 AM.  The 6 PM Halloween ride is heavily sold, with 201 total sold across all rides.  We discussed the News section on the website and the need to not post events to this section as they quickly become dated.  Instead, an upcoming events section should be created that can be curated.  Also, the calendar widget needs to be better maintained.  The time of the Tyrone trip will be updated to "approximately 4 hours" due to the uncertainty of a long trip.

We discussed the sell-to-capacity targets for the Santa Express excursions.  360 passengers can be accommodated.  We will set the target to 340 on November 1st and released additional tickets December 1 after any exchanges or corrections are completed.  Ticket returns will be allowed up to 7 days prior to the event.

No report from the Caboose/Snow Plow committee.

DSLE Dillon reported rules classes will be offered in September on the 19th, 21st (Shamokin Dam Hoss's), 26th and 28th (Williamsport Hoss's).  Contact Steve with the date you will attend.  This is an all day class.  There is no charge to attend and lunch is provided.

We discussed purchase of 20 industrial grade ties from Stella Jones per a quote secured by Gene.  Steve moved to purchase the 20 ties, seconded by Tom M.; the motion carried.  Tom C. will inform Gene of the authority to proceed.

Andy C. is working on the "Kalamazoo" speeder at his shop.  This will require size 60 double roller chain at an estimated cost of $400.  Andy R. will purchase a new gas tank for $80 for our newest speeder and Andy C. will investigate seat upholstery.  The electrical system needs to be reworked and the engine tuned. 

No update on the RDC.  The contractor estimated 8-12 weeks for HVAC delivery 4 weeks ago.

We received a thank you note from the LVA for our donation.

The Fall Festival was canceled and we will not be providing speeder rides.

Curtin Village is hosting a fall event October 21.  After some discussion we concluded we will not be able to offer rides at this event.

Andy C. will ask Tracey about organizing costumed characters for the Halloween rides.  The first trip is 4 PM and we will need volunteers early in the day (as early as noon) to decorate the train.  We will request the train to be spotted at the station by this time -- power and A/C may not be available until closer to boarding.  We need to send a call for volunteers and sign-up sheet.

We discussed and agreed to set Santa Express tickets to $12 this year, matching pricing of other groups offering this ride.  We have not increased ticket prices for many years prior to this change.

Andy R. moved to adjourn, seconded by Andy C.; the motion carried.  Meeting adjourned 9 PM.