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The meeting was called to order at 7:05 PM October 2, 2017 by President Durachko.  Present were members Ken Dishman, Cody Martin, Andy Richards, Andy Cobaugh, Tracey Besemer, Steve Dillon, and Tom Canich.

Secretary Canich presented August meeting minutes.  No motion was heard.

Treasurer Richards presented his report.  Our opening balance was $52,078.98 including the caboose/snowplow fund.  We paid rent and normal utility bills.  Our closing balance was $51,903.88.  Tom Canich moved to accept the report, seconded by Ken Dishman; the motion carried.

Web master Cobaugh reported 876 Halloween and Fall Foliage ticket sales via our ticket vendor, Eventbrite.  Our website saw 2,214 sessions in the past month.

We discussed the current state of the Fall Foliage weekend.  TV and radio ads will begin next week.  Station sales will be handled by setting our online inventory to 330 tickets with 20 tickets available in the station.  Andy R. will print tickets for the station sales.  Any unsold inventory at the station can be placed online for sale.  Andy C. will send a marketing email to former customers and plans to evaluate other vending systems for next year.

The train will be available early afternoon Friday, October 27 for decoration.  Andy Richards moved we spend up to $250 for candy to hand out on the Halloween trains, and up to $150 for fall decorations around the station building, seconded by Andy Cobaugh; the motion carried.  Andy R. will purchase candy and decorations.

There is no reported update on the RDC project.  Based on previous information we expected the HVAC installation be completed by mid-September.

The Society received a John H. Ziegler Preservation and Restoration award from the Centre County Historical Society for our work on RDC #9167.  The award ceremony will be held November 5 at 3 PM at the Centre County Penn State Visitor Centre.  All members are invited to attend, RSVP to Katie O'Toole.

DSLE Dillon shared that completion of the annual NSHR Rules Class is required to engage in any train crew work.

Members of the Society will meet with the Borough regarding a proposed fence along the railroad adjacent to Talleyrand park.  The purpose of the fence is to improve safety by restricting pedestrian crossing and to facilitate addition of a pedestrian bridge along the existing railroad bridge over Spring Creek.  Several concerns with specific placement, gates, and flexibility were discussed.  Representatives to the meeting will make these concerns known and report back.

Andy Richards moved to adjourn, seconded by Steve Dillon; the motion carried.

Meeting adjourned at 8:20 PM.