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The meeting was called to order at 7:10 PM by President Durachko.  Present were members Tom Milton, Dan Durachko, Andy Richards, Andy Cobaugh, Tracey Besemer, and Tom Canich.

Secretary Canich presented December meeting minutes for approval.  Andy Cobaugh moved to accept the minutes as presented, seconded by Andy Richards; the motion carried.

Treasurer Richards presented his report.  Our opening balance was $40,5220.1.  We sent a check to SEDA-COG JRA for excursion revenue, reimbursed Cody Martion $609.50 for printing 2018 BHRS calendars, received about $55,000 from EventBrite for Santa Express excursion tickets, paid rent, utilities, and our accountant.  We also received $1,210 in non-EventBrite ticket revenue and a donation from the Nutty Bavarian.  Our closing balance is $34,826.78 plus $4,391.97 in the caboose/snow plow fund.  This does not include our expected revenue share of $14,708 for Fall Foliage nor the the approximately $26,000 for Santa Express.  Andy R. is working with our accountant on an IRS issue regarding our 2016 filing.  Dan Durachko moved to accept the report, seconded by Tracey Besemer; the motion carried.

Webmaster Cobaugh reported we saw 1,948 sessions in December.

Interim Membership Chair Durachko reported 1 new membership was issued.  We are also in need of a permanent membership chair.

Andy Cobaugh contacted the contractor regarding RDC status.  He has received no response and will try contacting them again.  We need to visit the contractor to inspect the current progress and also arrange for an acceptance inspection.  We also need to restart discussions with North Shore regarding an operating agreement.  Additionally, we need to finalize crew training plans.

The Lemont Village Association has requested a donation towards construction of a permanent band stand.  Tracey Besemer moved to donate $100, seconded by Andy Richards; the motion carried.

EventBrite's payout for Santa Express is not a whole number despite all of our ticket prices being whole numbers and EventBrite fees being collected on top of the ticket price.  Andy C. and Andy R. will follow up with EventBrite regarding the discrepancy.

Tracey Besemer has donated a weather resistant storage box for Fall Foliage decorations.

Our 2018 Fall Foliage excursions will be 10/19-21.  The schedule will be 10/19 4, 6, and 8 PM Halloween Express round-trip to Gettig Park; 10/20 10:30 into Hawbaker yard, 1 PM to Sayers Dam/Beech, 4 PM to Port Matilda; 10/21 1 PM to Tyrone.  Tracey Besemer will take charge of Fall Foliage planning and will arrange for costumed characters well in advance of the weekend.  HBI has offered help with characters given sufficient notice.  Halloween Express pricing will be $12 with other excursion prices to be determined.  We discussed selling the Halloween Express caboose as a block, similar to the 2017 Santa Express.

Our 2018 Santa Express excursions will be 12/14-16.

Tracey Besemer moved to adjourn, seconded by Andy Cobaugh; the motion carried.  Meeting adjourned 8:45 PM.