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The meeting was called to order at 7 PM by President Durachko.  Present were members Keith Koch, Gene Tucker, Steve Dillon, Dan Durachko, Cody Martin, Tom Milton, Melvin Shuey, Andy Richards, Andy Cobaugh, Tracey Besemer, and Tom Canich.

Tom C. presented minutes from October.  Cody moved to accept the minutes, seconded by Gene; the motion carried.

No Treasurer's report was available.

Andy C. reported that we had 7,519 sessions in the past month.  He shared a histogram displaying quantity per purchase for Santa Express rides.  3 and 4 ticket purchases are most common.

Gene reported that tie prices are up 10% from Spring.  The work party installed 13 ties and moved a large boulder.  1 more tie needs to be installed and all need to be spiked.  Keith moved we send a letter to Graban, property owner at the private Limerock terrace crossing, detailing our possession of the property and stating our claim to the crossing area, seconded by Gene; the motion carried.  Andy R. will draft a letter and share the draft with the board prior to sending.  We also discussed sending a letter to all neighbors regarding dumping of trash and garden waste on the property, describing the property line relative to the track.  Cody moved to send such a letter directly to neighbors where dumping is a problem, seconded by Tom C.; the motion carried.

Andy C. and Tom C. discussed the current state of the RDC repair.  It is complete, pending results of an acceptance inspection scheduled for November 7.

Steve reported that the October 19 rules class was canceled.  It was rescheduled to November 8 at the Williamsport Hoss'.  Contact Steve to attend.

We discussed durable name tags for volunteers at excursion events.  Images were shared and discussed.  The consensus is that plastic tags look good and are affordable from a variety of vendors.  Keith moved we purchase a name tag for active members with replacements at member's cost, seconded by Dan; the motion carried.  Active members were determined to be those in attendance at this meeting plus George, Dave, Jonathan, Hunter, Dirk, Nick, Rich, Liam, Gail, Tim, Ken, Lon, and possible some others.  Andy C. moved to spend up to $25 to purchase some sample designs for review, seconded by Tracey; the motion carried.

Christmas speeder events are possible in Bellefonte and Lemont December 7 and 8.  No Victorian Christmas events are scheduled in the park/station area.  Friday in Lemont has historically drawn large crowds.  We will operate December 7 4-8 PM in Bellefonte and December 8 10-4 in Lemont.  Gene is available to help December 7; Gene, Andy R., and Dan are available to help December 8.  We discussed a blanket request to JRA for speeder operations in Talleyrand park given permission of NBER management.

We need to set our ride schedule request to JRA at the December meeting.  Tentative discussion leads to 10/25-27 for Fall Foliage and 12/20-22 for Christmas.  We need to discuss specific Fall Foliage ride schedule and destinations: 2 Sayers' trips, Curtin Village, and other ideas were discussed.  Andy R. suggested we build a wood high-level platform as a prototype in time for use with 2018 Santa Express rides.

Keith moved to adjourn the meeting, seconded by Gene; motion carried.  Meeting adjourned 8:30 PM.