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The meeting was called to order at 7 PM by President Durachko.  In attendance were members Dave Felice, Tracey Besemer, Gene Tucker, Tom Milton, Ken Dishman, "G-4", Andy Cobaugh, Andy Richards, and Tom Canich.

January minutes were reviewed and noted some minor corrections.  Andy Richards moved to accept as corrected, seconded by Ken; the motion carried. ( Thanks to Gene for taking minutes in January! -tc)

The treasurer reported an opening balance of $61,004.56.  We paid various bills, and RDC invoices.  We received money from Sugar Tours and a donation from Nick Rapak.  Our closing balance is $60,588.65.  The caboose/plow fund is unchanged at $4,391.97.  We still have outstanding bills for Santa Express shuttle buses and fire extinguisher service.  Our share of JRA-distributed funds is received but not in this report.  About $25,000 is anticipated to complete the RDC
project.  Andy Cobaugh moves to accept, seconded by Tracey Besemer; the motion carried.

The webmaster reports 345 sessions in February.

Work on RDC #9167 is largely completed.  NS, NSHR, and RMS are working on arrangements to return the car to Bellefonte and complete the 92-day inspection.  We will attempt to schedule a site visit for late February.  Andy Cobaugh will look into options to rework or replace our radios for return to operation.  RDC parking and operating agreement with NSHR still need to be resolved.  Andy Richards is investigating needed changes to our insurance for returning the RDC to service.  For this year he doesn't anticipate any significant change.

We discussed potentially ordering copies of a book The Central Railroad of Pennsylvania (I.H. Mauser, 1894) regarding the railroad of the same name.

Fall Foliage 2019 time table was discussed.  We will request 5 and 7 PM rides on Friday, Saturday rides to Beech at 10 and Tyrone at 1, and Sunday rides to Pleasant Gap at 12 and POST at 3.  Based on past performance we believe we can turn the train on Saturday within 2 hours to make Tyrone departure time.

We have been asked to provide speeder rides at the April 20 Easter Egg hunt.  We must respond by March 15.  Andy Richards will contact Cody, George, and Clyde regarding availability.

The PRR HTC national conference will be held at Strasburg in May 2020.  They are interested in a possible RDC excursion.

Andy Cobaugh moved to adjourn, seconded by Tracey; the motion carried.  Meeting adjourned 8:20 PM.