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The meeting was called to order at 7 PM by Vice President Dishman.  Present were members Gene Tucker, "G4", Andy Richards, Steve Dillon, Ken Dishman, Melvin Shuey, and Tom Canich.

No meeting minutes were available to review.

The Treasurer presented his report.  We received our share of the Santa Express ticket receipts.  We paid regular bills, annual insurance, and busing expenses.  Gene Tucker moved to accept the report, seconded by Steve Dillon; the motion carried.

Steve reported that a member of the operating crew can't supervise the Drug and Alcohol testing program.  We will need to have another person supervise the program who will not be an operating crew member.  Car hosts are not considered operating crew.  The supervisor will need to be named to the FRA via a filing.

There are two parts to the program: testing and physical examinations.  MedExpress can do the testing but not the physical.  Mt. Nittany is no longer offering this service.  Steve will consult with North Shore to determine who they use for this program.  If we have 15 or fewer operating crew the FRA will not require us to run the program, however North Shore has discretion to require it when we are operating on their property.  Testing will likely need to be completed quarterly.

Gene reported that 5 ties have been installed in Lemont and are ballasted.  They need to be spiked.  He would like to repair the retaining wall on Saturday at 10 if enough help is available.

Strawberry festival is June 8.  We will need a commitment to operate from Cody, George, Joel, or Clyde.  Andy R. will follow up with them.  Gene, Tom C., and Andy R. are available to help with the event.  Gene will contact Jim Baird about bringing his steam car.

Open Street Bellefonte requested a sponsorship of their event.  Sponsorship puts our name on a t-shirt or other materials.  The request was discussed and died for want of a motion.

Cody brought up the prospect of a private speeder excursion on NBER.  We will need to seek JRA and NBER approval to move this forward.

Tank cars have been removed from the line near Nittany Mall.  Andy R. will speak with John Spychalski regarding possible modification of our fall foliage time table to include a trip to Lemont.

Vice President Dishman reappointed Tracey Besemer as membership chair.

Cody has donated signal equipment from Norfolk-Southern to use as static displays.  The signal is 18-20 feet tall when assembled.  It could be shortened as needed.  A double-sided head may be available if desired.  The single-head display may be deployed in the park near our other static displays.

Bellefonte Cruise is father's day weekend.  We plan to offer speeder and pump car rides 11-4 on Saturday.  4 volunteers will be needed to staff the event.  We need to get the cruise to advertise our presence to bring people down to the station, especially if lower High Street isn't being used for car display.

Melvin Shuey moved to adjourn, seconded by Gene Tucker; motion carried.  Meeting adjourned 8 PM.