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Meeting called to order at 7 PM by President Durachko.  Members Gene Tucker, Tom Milton, Steve Dillon, Melvin Shuey, Andy Richards, Liam Richards, Andy Cobaugh, and Tom Canich were present.

Meeting minutes were not available in print, but are published on the website for review.

Treasurer's report was not available.  We received a check from the Centre Foundation for $1,703.70, a bill from the Visitor's Bureau for $141, and a $25 donation from an IBM matching grant.

Membership renewals are due.  Notices haven't been sent, however Tracey will try to find time to do this.

Andy C. will post the schedules to the website.  The final schedule may change depending on JRA response to our request to run to Lemont.  We had 472 sessions in June.

We spoke with a consultant in Indiana by telephone regarding his offer to assist us in all aspects of operation and management.  We will discuss further and Dan will reply by email.

Lemont will need branch trimming if we are to run the PVRR equipment there.  The gauge at Mt. Nittany road is too narrow and will need to be addressed.  We will request a change to the timetable for Fall Foliage to replace Pleasant Gap with Lemont: 5-7 PM Friday Halloween trips ($12 each); 10 AM Saturday Beech ($20 each); 1 PM Saturday Tyrone ($30 each); Noon Sunday Lemont ($15 each) or Pleasant Gap ($12 each); 3 PM Sunday Mill Hall mile POST ($12 each).  Characters will parade from both ends of the train during the Halloween trips.  Our request for running to Lemont will not cross Mt. Nittany road until we have replaced the crossing.  Andy R. will contact JRA about a schedule change which may need to be approved by all involved parties.  Andy R. is arranging weed control for the Lemont track.

We have no update from RMS regarding RDC #9167 shipping.  Andy C. will attempt to contact the front office.  Andy R. will follow up with their accountant regarding our status.

We will again rent the caboose as a unit for the Santa Express trips.

Andy C. requests reimbursement for diamond plate sheet he purchased to rehabilitate the MT19 speeder.  There will be surplus material for other projects.  Dan Durachko moved to reimburse Andy $578 for the purchase of (1) 4x8 foot sheet of 1/16" and (1) 4x8 foot sheet of 1/8" diamond plate, seconded by Andy Richards; the motion carried.

Gene Tucker moved to adjourn, seconded by Dan Durachko; motion carried.  Meeting adjourned 8:40 PM.