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The meeting was called to order at 7:10 PM by Vice President Dishman.  Present were members Steve Dillon, Gene Tucker, Steve Biezler, Andy Cobaugh, Trace Besemer, and Tom Canich.  Sally Houser from HBI was also present.

Meeting minutes from the July meeting were presented.  Gene Tucker moved to accept, seconded by Steve Dillon; motion carried.

No Treasurer's report was available.

The Webmaster reports 627 sessions in the month of July.

Fall Foliage ticket sales have started.  98 tickets sold to date.  Advertising needs to be arranged.  HBI is offering additional resources this year to increase our ads, up to $2,500 on TV or radio.  Also, print ads in the Lock Haven Express, Centre Gazette, or on bellefonte.com are available at our expense.  October 26 is also the Bellefonte Halloween parade.  Fall Foliage rides can also be advertised in the brochure if submitted before planned October 1 printing.  Jan Smith with the rotary is available to coordinate, if we desire The parade is at 11 AM so should not conflict with excursions.  Laura Sarge and sally Houser are also working on the parade.  Tracey will coordinate the Halloween excursion parades.  Sally and a few others are available to participate.

Andy C. will arrange a visit to RMS in the next few weeks.  The job is now finished awaiting final inspection and our sign-off on the work.  Steve Dillon requests a member to coordinate drug and alcohol testing.  This member may not also serve in any operating crew role.  Rules classes will again be held in October.  Steve will share dates when they are available.

The Lemont track was sprayed for weeds.  LVA wrote to inform us that we have contributed a portion of Strawberry festival receipts in past years.

The snow plow has significant ant damage to the frame timbers.  Temporary replacement sheathing was installed on the park side.

We have been asked to contribute to the station greens for Victorian Christmas, as in years past.  Tom Canich moved to spend $250 for greens, seconded by Tracey Besemer; motion carried.  Sally will list Santa Express rides in the brochure but is not planning advertising.  If we want to offer speeder rides during Victorian Christmas we need to let sally know so she can advertise it in the visitor guide.  Sally can arrange a visit by Santa, if desired.  Victorian Christmas is the 13th and 14th, the weekend after the Lemont Christmas event.

The Borough is seeking volunteers to lay brick along the creek with completion planned prior to Thanksgiving.  The Borough will do all prep work.  We'll need to coordinate timing with some upcoming Lemont work parties and Fall Foliage weekend so volunteer time doesn't stretch too thin.  We discussed coordinating the Borough request with our desire to pave the area near the bathroom along the platform.

Gene Tucker volunteered to distribute an agenda prior to future meetings.  The group thanked him and accepted the offer, pending Cody's agreement to the arrangement.  Gene will contact Cody.

The first Monday in September is Labor Day.  Our September meeting will be held the second Monday, September 9th.

Andy Cobaugh moved to adjourn, seconded by Tracey Besemer; motion carried.  Meeting adjourned 7:45 PM.