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The meeting was called to order at 7 PM by President Durachko.  Present were members Gene Tucker, Lon Beck, Cody Martin, Chris Stutzman, John White, Steve Dillon, Tom Milton, Andy Cobaugh, Tracey Besemer, Andy Richards, and Tom Canich.  Guests Sally Houser (HBI) and Jan Smith (Rotary) were also in attendance.

August and September meeting minutes were reviewed.  Cody Martin moved to accept both as presented, seconded by Dan Durachko; motion carried.

The treasurer reports $78,244.03 opening balance with $73,852.06 in the general fund.  We received membership dues and paid BIACC dues, material reimbursement to Andy Cobaugh, and other bills.  The closing general balance is $73,159.69.  Gene Tucker moved to accept the report, seconded by Tom Milton; motion carried.

Jan Smith shared information about the Fall Festival plans, vendor locations, and potential closure of the High Street for the parade.  Dan shared our typical operational plan.  We will notify ticket purchasers that High Street will be closed briefly, about 20 minutes, and that Potter street near CVS may be closed for hay rides.

We had 2017 web sessions in September. 

Fall Foliage ticket sales are a bit low compared to a plot of previous years prepared by Andy C.  We discussed additional approaches to analyze the data including days before ride dates rather than days from ticket sale start to account for varying ride dates.  WTAJ, FOX8, and other outlets will begin running ads next week.  We also have print ads in the Lock Haven, Williamsport, and Lewistown papers, and are planning a run in the Centre Gazette.  Andy R. is also working on WPSU advertising.

Several volunteers plan to work the Fall Foliage rides.  We discussed the need for bollard sleeves over the fence posts and how to spot the train to avoid the posts.  The guide rail between the siding and the road needs to be moved to allow clearance of rail vehicles.  We expect the pavement between the parking lot and the track cross-walk to be raised for better pedestrian navigation.

Gene is organizing two work parties in Lemont: October 12 at 9 AM and November 16 at 9 AM.  Personal protective equipment should be provided by participants.

Andy C. will follow up with RMS regarding the RDC final inspection.

We discussed participation of non-members, especially in light of the new PVRR participation waiver.  Our insurance policy covers about 30 members during activities.  Per agreement with the insurer this need not be a static list but cannot exceed the actual count.  This number can be increased if needed.  The general public is covered by our liability policy.  We may consider a waiver for future participation by non-members acting on behalf of BHRS.  We should be maintaining a list of current, active volunteers for insurance purposes.

We also discussed varying membership levels to help manage this list: "sustaining member", "active member", etc.  An alternative is to use a sign-in sheet at work parties and develop a list from this collection.  Gene is working on a general safety policy and documentation around this.  This will be even more important when operating the RDC.

Jim Mackey has been promoted to Safety Manager at North Shore.  Josh Miller is now General Manager of Nittany and Bald Eagle.

We discussed December speeder events.  Gene offered to approach Walkersville to borrow equipment.  The event is December 13-14.  Last year we operated Friday night only.  Andy R. will contact George Baney to check on his availability and inform Sally.  Sally will make arrangements with Santa.

Steve Dillon reported that rules classes will be October 10 or 17 at the Shamokin Dam Hoss's and October 22 or 24 at the Williamsport Hoss's.  Let him know if you plan to attend.

Tracey will purchase halloween candy and decorations.  We have fraternity volunteers to parade but they need transportation to Bellefonte.  Last year we spent $600 on candy and decorations.  Andy Richards moved to spend up to $700 on candy, decorations, and transportation for the volunteers, seconded by Gene Tucker; motion carried.  Dan will provide hay bales.

Andy Cobaugh moved to adjourn, seconded by Tracey Besemer; motion carried.  Meeting adjourned 8 PM.