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December 2nd, 2019

Members present: Dan Durachko, Steve Dillon, Lon Beck, Andrew Cobaugh, Andrew Richards,
Tracey Besemer, Dave Felice, Susan Hochreiter, Chris Stutzman and Gene Tucker.

Guests present: Alan Uhler and Kyle Uhler.

Call to Order: President Dan Durachko called the meeting to order at 7:03 p.m. in the train

Guest presentation: Eagle Scout Project Proposal, Milesburg Troop 45: Boy Scout Kyle
Uhler presented a proposal to restore the snow plow as part of an Eagle Scout project. As
presented, his proposal includes redoing the roof, windows and siding. The plow is also
missing some handles, he said. An Eagle Scout project aims to develop leadership skills, and
includes other scouts to assist with the project. Dan Duracho offered to be the BHRS contact
for this proposal. Funds from the BHRS caboose fund might be available to assist in buying
supplies. Additional coordination/approval of the project must still be arranged with the Scout
troop. (Kyle’s father, Alan, worked on the plow in 1987 as part of his Eagle Scout project.)

Minutes for the November 4th meeting: No minutes were available.

Treasurer’s Report: Treasurer Andrew Richards presented a report covering the period
th through December 2nd. The report shows an opening balance of $78,244.03,
which includes a Caboose Fund balance of $4,391.97 (unchanged from the last report).
Receipts totaled $28,185.01, funds received from membership dues, ticket sales, Eventbrite
ticket sales and the Amazon Smile program, while expenditures totaled $30,863.99, for station
rent, Oil House electricity, SEDA-COG Fall Foliage payment, station decorations, speeder repair
materials, and Halloween supplies, leaving a closing balance of $75,565.05 (including the
Caboose Fund). The Treasurer said that the Society is “in good shape”, adding that he is
expecting to receive a refund from the Halloween trains, which will be reported on the next
report. The Treasurer’s Report was approved by voice vote on a motion made by Lon Beck,
which was seconded by Dan Durachko.


Webmaster: Andrew Cobaugh reported that the Society’s website received 4,491 visits in

Membership: No report.

Lemont track: Gene Tucker reported that a total of twelve (12) crossties were installed in the
Lemont trackage for calendar year 2019. Eight (8) crossties are still along the line, waiting to be
installed next year. A proposal to bring some ballast cars from Hawbaker’s onto the line to
spread ballast in some areas was presented, in order to minimize the need to bring ballast up
from the pile near Dale Street. In response, Gene said that it makes more sense to get ties
installed before bringing in ballast. He added that it would be good to get thirty (30) ties
installed in the coming year before proceeding with such a plan. A discussion about sign-in
sheets and insurance coverage for volunteers took place.

RDC @ RMI: A trip to Columbia to inspect the RDC at RMI is planned for Friday, December 6th.
Andrew Cobaugh, Andrew Richards and Cody Martin are planning on going.

Speeder rides: The possibility of operating motorcars on Friday/Saturday, December 13/14 in
Bellefonte was discussed. Permission from NBER would be required. Availability of motorcars
and operators was discussed. The desired date/time of operation is Saturday, December 14
from 11:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. A request to NBER to operate from the wye to Water Street is
needed. The Society has no plans to support the Lemont Christmas event this year.

Christmas trains: Plans for supporting the upcoming Christmas trains was discussed. Society
personnel will be required to support the operation. BHRS is to staff the caboose. The possibility
of offering cookies to patrons was presented. In future years, the idea of offering a “sensory car”
for children on the autism spectrum was presented.

RDC car # 9153: A discussion took place about the future use of this car. An idea to offer the car
for sale was presented. Alternatively, parts from this car could be used to keep the other car
(#9167) operating. The Society would need a donor car to make # 9153 operational. Storage for
the main car (#9167), once it returns from Columbia, was discussed. One possibility might be to
ask for permission to store the car at the NBER engine house.

Adjournment: The meeting adjourned at 8:45 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Gene R. Tucker