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The meeting was called to order at 7 PM by President Durachko.  Present were members Andy Cobaugh, Dan Durachko, Gene Tucker, Tom Milton, Melvin Shuey, Dave Felice, Chris Stutzman, Andy Richards, Tracey Besemer, and Tom Canich.

Tom C. presented minutes from the January meeting.  Gene Tucker moved to accept, seconded by Tom Milton; the motion carried.

Andy R. presented the treasurer's report.  Our opening balance was $75,565.05 and closing balance was $85,450.08.  We paid rent, typical bills, and reimbursed for some expenses.  We received income from JRA for the Fall Foliage excursions.  We have a new Volunteer Accident insurance policy which no longer requires named member tracking until we exceed 100 active members.  We anticipate a check from JRA for Santa Express of about $23,000.  We will see additional insurance premiums of about $10,000 due in February.  RPCA will no longer cover the RDC as locomotives are excluded from their policy.  Nick R. is setting up our Centre Gives campaign.  Andy Cobaugh moved to accept, seconded by Tom Milton; the motion carried.  Dan Durachko submitted reimbursement requests related to Santa Express caboose supplies.

Andy C. presented the web master report.  We had 390 sessions in January.  He will investigate online payment options over the next few months.

Tracey B. shared that a membership letter has been drafted and she in working on getting letterhead.

Tom C. reported out for the nominating committee.  The existing officers will be nominated for re-election at the March meeting except Gene Tucker will replace Cody Martin.  Cody can't commit to the Corresponding Secretary position but plans to remain active in the Society.  Additional nominations will be heard from the floor at that meeting prior to election.

RDC - Andy C. shipped a spare fuel rack solenoid to RMS to repair a bad part.  Air leak repair status is not known.  Batteries and other issues previously identified have been repaired.  We are tentatively planning a February final inspection pending RMS' assertion that all work is complete.

Lemont - Gene plans to focus on repairs to the washed out area.  Ballast will be removed, ties replaced and ballasted, and drainage will be improved.  The railroad and JRA have expressed concerns around passenger trips to Lemont possibly due to the grade.  It is in our interest to maintain the track to a high level regardless of planned excursions.  We will consider asking an inspector from Norfolk-Southern to provide feedback on the track state.  Mt. Nittany crossing will need work in the future.  We estimate about $5,000 to make the repairs ourselves versus the approximately $16,000 we paid to have Dale rebuilt 4-5 years ago.  Work would take about 2 days to complete and will require a backhoe.  We will need to coordinate with the township on closing and paving.

Fall excursions - We discussed alternate destinations as Lemont is not possible.  We considered a trip to Lock Haven with shuttles to various local attractions.  We think the logistics of this trip for a full train are too difficult but this would be an interesting idea with the RDC.  We also requested Dale Summit instead of Lemont but this was denied.  We will request 2 trips to Sayer's Dam and either Dale Summit or Pleasant Gap.  Andy R. will send our request to the JRA.

Operations - We need to make some decisions around how to handle training crews, an operating contract, 92-day inspections, car storage, and maintenance facilities.

Andy Cobaugh moved to adjourn, seconded by Tracey Besemer; the motion carried and meeting adjourned at 8:30 PM.