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The Train Station

320 West High Street

Bellefonte, PA 16823


June 15th, 2020

Members present: Dan Durachko, Steve Dillon, Lon Beck, Tom Milton, George Baney, Andrew Cobaugh, Andrew Richards, Chris Stutzman and Gene Tucker.

Call to Order: President Dan Durachko called the meeting to order at 7:20 p.m. Since the weather was nice, we met outside the train station

Minutes for the March meeting: No minutes were available.

Treasurer’s Report: Treasurer Andrew Richards reported that the opening balance in the Society’s account was $106,899.00, which includes $4,391.97 in the caboose fund (amount unchanged). Outlays since the last report have included: Electric utility bills for the Oil House, station rent, and a liability insurance payment. Total expenditures were $9,279.36, leaving a balance of $93,227.86 (not including the caboose fund). $22.88 has been received from the Amazon Smiles program. He reported that some outstanding bills will require payment, including an $800.00 bill for advertising.


Webmaster: No report.

Membership: The following membership renewals were received: Steve Dillon ($20.00 cash), George Baney ($20.00 cash), Tom Milton ($25.00 check), Chris Stutzman ($25.00 check), Gene Tucker ($100.00 check), Susan Hochreiter ($300.00 donation and $20.00 renewal)

Lemont track: Gene Tucker reported that an excellent work party took place on Saturday, May 23rd, with good participation by members. About half of the work of digging out the fouled ballast was done on that occasion. Going forward, he plans to finish the removal of the old ballast, remove defective ties and replace them with new, 6 X 8 ties, and then re-ballast and tamp the area. Hopefully, this can be accomplished before the cold weather sets in later this year.

RDC @ RMI: The recent accident which resulted in damage to the car was discussed.

Operations in the Fall: A discussion took place with regard to the possibility of operating Fall Foliage and Christmas trains. Since these events provide a significant amount of income for the Society, it would be to the Society’s advantage to be able to offer them to the public. However, given the conditions resulting from the coronavirus pandemic, a number of different considerations now must be taken into account. The general sense of the membership is that we would like to be able to offer these events to the public, if at all possible.

Operations with the RDC: Various aspects of returning to operations with the RDC, once it has returned from RMI, were discussed. Among the topics considered were: Insurance costs, 92-day inspections, track inspection costs, storage fees for the car, trips for training operating crews, an operating agreement with the JRA and North Shore, and other considerations.

Donation to the Bellefonte Area School District: Acting on a motion made by Andrew Richards, which was seconded by Steve Dillon, those in attendance voted to donate One Hundred Dollars ($100.00) to the school district for improvements to the athletic field.

Adjournment: The meeting adjourned at 8:07 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Gene R. Tucker

Corresponding Secretary