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These are some of our most Frequently Asked Questions.
If you have a question that isn't answered here, please Contact Us

Q: Need lap tickets?

A: Free lap tickets are available for children 2 and under riding on an adult's lap.  If you forget to add free lap tickets to your Eventbrite order you can simply pick them up at the station on the day of the ride.

Q: Where do we board the train?

A: Santa Express and Fall Foliage trains board at, depart from, and return to the Train Station in Bellefonte, located at 320 W. High St, Bellefonte, PA  16823.

Q: How do I get to the Train Station in Bellefonte?

A: The easiest way to find us is to use Google Maps. BHRS operates from the historic Train Station in Bellefonte located at 320 W. High St, Bellefonte, PA  16823. Click Here to find us on Google Maps, where you can then enter your location to receive step-by-step driving directions.

Q: How will I receive my tickets?

A: Your tickets are available to download and print through Eventbrite. You will receive an email confirmation of your order with an attached PDF. 
Please find more information here:

Q: Is there handicap parking near the station?

A: Handicap parking is available, though limited. Please plan to arrive early to ensure you can secure a spot.

Q: Are the rail cars handicapped accessible? Are there wheelchair ramps?

A: The passenger cars are historic Pennsylvania Railroad cars, and as such are not equipped with wheelchair ramps. However, BHRS and Penn Valley Railroad crew members will be available to provide personal assistance while boarding, if so desired.  Stairs to board are steep and can get slippery if wet or snowy conditions exist. 

Q: Are there restrooms on the train?

A: Yes, each car is equipped with a small airplane-style restroom.  Most of the on-board restrooms do not have a sink, but we try to keep each stocked with hand sanitizer.

Q: Are the train cars heated?

A: The cars are heated.  Three cars have kerosene heaters, two cars have built-in heating systems.  The heating is slightly unpredictable and often varies from 60 to 75 in the older cars.  In most cars the windows can be opened if it gets too warm, and many people like to bring along a blanket in case it gets too cool.  There are some blankets available on board as well.

Q: Do you have a cancellation/weather/refund  policy?

A: In general ticket sales are final.  Trains run rain, snow or shine!  Most trains are sold out ahead of time and trains depart the station on time, refunds cannot be offered due to late arrivals.  All our schedules are maintained to the extent possible, however we cannot be responsible for unforeseen delays, schedule changes or conditions outside our control.  In the very unlikely event that a train is cancelled, refunds or alternate trips would be offered.

Q: Where do the trains go?

A: All rides are round trip departing from the Bellefonte Train Station, 320 W. High St. in Bellefonte (next to Talleyrand Park).  The trips last approximately 1 hour 15 minutes. 
    The return trip is timed to allow Santa and friends to visit with passengers in every car.  The train travels to the "North Pole" also know as the Pleasant Gap Fish Hatchery between Axemann and Pleasant Gap along PA Rt. 144.  The train only stops there long enough for the engineer to switch from one end of the train to the other.  No passengers are allowed to get off at the "North Pole". 
     For train buffs, this turning point is also where the Pleasant Gap Industrial Branch diverges from the Lemont Branch.  The Lemont Branch formerly was the line between Bellefonte and Lewisburg, PA via Centre Hall, Coburn, and Mifflinburg that traversed Penns Valley.  It now ends in downtown Lemont, in front of the Post Office.  This track was formerly part of the Pennsylvania Railroad and is now operated by the Nittany and Bald Eagle RR on behalf of the SEDA-COG Joint Rail Authority.

Q: Are the Halloween Express excursions scary?

A: BHRS makes an effort to keep the Halloween Express excursions family friendly.  However, we have no control over the costumes worn by our passengers.  We have noted that some children are frightened by Santa, Rudolph, Frosty, and other costumed characters on our Santa Express excursions; you must be the judge as to whether your child might experience costumed characters adversely.

Q: I have a question.  Whom should I contact?

A: The best way to contact BHRS is by email.  Please send inquiries to

BHRS is an all-volunteer organization, and responses can take some time, especially during high traffic periods.  You may also leave a voice mail at 814-355-1053, however, this will take longer to get a response than email.  Please, make sure all inquiries contain sufficient information for our volunteers to provide you with a complete and thorough answer.  Confusing questions tend to lead to confusing answers!  If you do not leave contact information, we’ll have no way of contacting you!  Please ensure you are not blocking our address as spam and check your email daily to facilitate efficient communications.  Likewise, if you choose to call us, please be sure your voice mail is set up and your mail box is not full.