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October 4 Work Party a success

posted Oct 7, 2014, 7:46 PM by Andrew Cobaugh
Lemont track work
On Saturday, October 4, a crew of approximately one half dozen volunteers descended upon Lemont to perform maintenance on BHRS-owned trackage. The crew was successful in digging out and removing 23 of the old ties marked to be replaced, and inserted and spiked new ties in their place. The new ties have yet to be ballasted and tamped - that work will be completed on Sunday, October 12. Loose and/or missing joint bolts were also tightened or replaced as necessary. Gauge was also corrected in several locations as the work progressed, either slightly widening or narrowing the distance between the rails as necessary.

This is the third consecutive season that major track work has been embarked upon in Lemont. BHRS members are becoming quite familiar with this type of work, and we are accomplishing much by hand that was done by machine the first time around.

All of this work is in preparation for our upcoming Fall Foliage excursions, two of which will travel over this very same track.
Lemont track work.

Thanks go out to all who attended last Saturday's work party. Please stay tuned for an announcement regarding the next work party to complete ballasting and tamping of the new ties.