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RDC 9167 Hits the road

posted Dec 15, 2014, 11:37 PM by Andrew Richards
9167 Gets prepared for the move
Wide swingNew tires
NS 10A passes the work site9167 Gets a lift
Lift truck?
Leaving Blazer Enterprises
9167 crests Skytop Mountain9167 Turns onto Valley Vista Dr.
On Friday, the Nittany and Bald Eagle RR moved the car from the siding at Cerro/Titan Energy to the siding at Blazer Enterprises near Wingate.  

On Monday morning, #9167 got a lift from a big crane. The car was lifted off of its trucks, one end at at time and placed onto highway wheels for the drive to Columbia, PA.  The lift job took about 3 hours and other prep work took several more.  The car departed via PA 220 to I-99.  That may be the very first time a railroad car has been over Skytop Mountain!

We were treated to 2 trains passing by during the work day, both the NBER local turn and NS 10A bound for Northumberland.

Special thanks go out to Titan Energy Park, and to Blazer Enterprises, for donating the use of their sidings and property for this project. 

A big thank you also to the Nittany and Bald Eagle RR, for moving the RDC to and from its various work sites at no charge.  We could not have made this project work without the support of the NBER!