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Work party in Lemont, Nov 3 2018

posted Nov 5, 2018, 3:26 PM by Andrew Cobaugh
On Saturday, November 3, 2018, a small crew of volunteers replaced, tamped, ballasted, and plated 13 ties in Lemont.

A huge thanks to Gene for organizing and leading this effort. The pictures and captions are also courtesy of Gene.

A future work party is planned to install one remaining tie and spike everything.

Ballasting and tamping:  Cody awaits some more stone in order to get it under the new tie as Mel delivers it to him from the cart. Each new tie was installed so that it could be completely supported and surrounded by new stone.

2.  Moving that big rock:  Andy C. contemplates the effort that will be required to move the rock as George and Cody dig out a hole for it to rest in once it finds its new home.  Took four of us with pry bars to get the job done!

Digging out the old ties:  George and Andy C. worked ahead of the others who were doing the ballasting and tamping by digging out and removing the old ties. Most of the ties came out in one piece, though some didn't. Most of the existing ballast is cinders, which was quite common with RRs during the steam era, and it is fairly easy to dig in. However, here and there we encountered large stones (2 - 3") in the ballast. Still, though, a good amount of work with a pick was required to get the crib ready for the new tie.