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Gang Car Restoration

Introduction and project overview

Who made this car? It has 16" 8-bolt wheels that are stamped "Kalamazoo," but has a International Green Diamond GRD195A flat 6 engine, 4 speed transmission, and reversing gear. Kalamazoo never made a car with this engine, but Northwestern did. There is one other NW gang car online that I know of owned by McCloud Rails: McCloud Rails Speeder Restoration. I have found no other identifying information on the car itself.

It has a double roller chain drive to an intermediate shaft, then double roller chain drive to both axles. The axles are 1.5" solid square steel with outboard ball bearing blocks and a bearing block in the middle of the shaft to support the chain tension. The bearings are able to slide on the axle, and the frame is drilled in multiple places to allow the outer frame rails to move in and out, effectively this car to be configured for multiple gauges. 

This car was moved to a member's shop in March of 2013 for a complete tear down and restoration.

Photos of the restoration progress can be found here: