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The load out . . .

Next steps were breaking down the entire frame and all components, removing the wheels, pulling the hubs, etc.  I took A LOT of photos and made some drawings so I'll (hopefully!) have an easy time reassembling everything sometime in the (again hopefully!!) not-so-distant future.  I'll share a few of those images here  The most tedious task was getting all the greasy-munge off the parts.  Took a combination of heavy duty cleaner, oven cleaner, a pressure washer, and good old elbow grease and scrapers and brushes.  I'm considering having some of the parts professionally abrasion cleaned and maybe even painted.  But I do tend to prefer doing things myself so who knows which way I'll ultimately go?

Axle nuts held on with a classic mix of cotter pins and rusty nails.  Now that's what I call "character".
cotter pins and a rusty nail to hold the axle nuts on

I'm told two of my wheels are "ice breakers".  Hmmm . . . I'll bring these up during my next awkward party conversation lull.  Could make for unique coin smashing characteristics.
ice breaker wheels?

Elegant shot of the greasy-munge.

Ghetto hub removal tool.